Pest Inspection

A pre-purchase pest inspection or a (pre-purchase timber pest inspection) is carried out on a property before purchase and is highly recommended to ensure you are making a safe investment.

Cracked walls, sagging ceilings, termites, rising damp, structural faults, rotten stumps, faulty wiring, concrete cracking – these are some of the endless problems that our specialist can identify in a pre-purchase pest inspection of your new property purchase. Such problems can be expensive to fix, especially when unexpected, therefore a pre-purchase pest inspection not only gives you peace of mind before making one of the biggest investments of your lifetime but can also save you money.

Timber Pests can include Termites, Wood Borers and Wood Decay / Fungi. Such pests can be very common for properties in the local area and can undermine timber structures. Common problems found in a during inspections include:

  • Termites

Even if a termite infestation is not immediately detected, termites are often present in cases of fungal decay in a property. Unfortunately, termites are often hard to detect meaning they will usually appear hidden from residents and large amounts of damage can occur before any infestation is noticed. In cases of long-term termite damage, a wooden structure may be considered unsound and unsafe, with damage sometimes irreparable and potentially making the property uninhabitable before any action is taken to deal with such infestation.

  • Mould

If mould is found chances are you have a water problem which can often lead to the attraction of termites and hence further damage to the property. Water problems are often found in roofs, bathrooms and kitchen and if unnoticed can lead to serious mould and potentially costly damage to the property.

  • Wood Rot

Wood rotting often occurs in timber that is exposed to moisture, typically found in wood with a moisture content of at least 15%. This wood rot is quite expensive to deal with, especially if damage is severe and can compromise the integrity of timber structures.

  • Safety Concerns

While a pre-purchase pest inspection is not considered to be purely a safety measure, the inspection can identify specific safety issues in the property. All of our inspectors are skilled in identifying potential safety hazards and report these hazards in the final report to ensure that you’re investing in a safe property and removal of such hazards can be dealt with immediately.

It is rare that a property does not include at least one of these problems, making a pre-purchase pest inspection essential before the purchase of your new home. Here at … our local specialists can provide you with a comprehensive pest report to help you make your new investment.