Baiting & Termaticide Dust

Termite Bating

Termite baiting does not involve spraying chemicals or trenching. Stations are placed in specific areas around your home and once termite activity is discovered baits are placed inside the existing stations. The termite bait used is non-chemical that contains an active ingredient, so effective that only a small amount is needed. Termites ingest the bait and carry it to back the colony where they share it with other termites.

Termaticide Dust

Termite dusting is the first phase of a termite treatment as it entails using active termites. We use Termidor Dust which is non-repellent and is 95.5% food alpha cellulose, the same material used as the food source in most of the termite bait systems.

Baiting & Termaticide Dust - Termite & Pest Control Albury Wodonga

To apply Termiticide Dust, small holes are made in infested timber or directly onto termite trails. Using a small puffer, fine dust is puffed directly onto termites within the infested timber, these holes are covered to seal the workings, to prevent any dust escaping and to reduce disturbance of the termites. The termites will continue to go about their normal activities long enough to transfer the Termiticide Dust to unsuspecting termites within the colony. It will usually take 3-6 weeks for the colony to be affected by the dust.

Termite dusting does not provide an on-going protection to a building from future termite attacks. There may be more than one termite nest within striking distance and termites are constantly establishing new nests.

This is why a termite soil treatment is critical following termite dusting.

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